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Our team fully understands our clients needs and aim to deliver a very customer focused solution. This is not limited to the product but also applies to our customer support and all aspects of our communication with clients. In fact, the level of service that we provide has become our priority. We pride ourselves on our enthusiastic engineers, our technical ability and our “can do” approach. We honestly believe that our unique standards of support exceed all others in our industry.


We deliver individually tailored solutions that meet our customers specific requirements. We have many years of experience in major infrastructure projects and providing bespoke solutions to many diverse industries.

Quality assured

ASL’s production management system ensures that our customers receive the highest possible standards of quality, consistency of build and production standards. All of our products are exhaustively soak tested and supported by a comprehensive ASL warranty. All of our processes from design through to the manufacture of your systems have been reviewed by a UKAS approved auditor. We have ISO-9001-2008 in Design and Manufacture of Industrial PC’s.

Future proof solutions

Our systems must keep pace with your future demand. We use open technologies for modular systems which are cost effective and meet today’s requirements, but flexible and scalable to support tomorrow’s demands. Working with world-class technology partners, our customers will always have access to the best possible performing systems, development and support. With direct contact we can provide Roadmaps, EOL (End of Life) notifications and up to date product information.


ASL Supported Industries

Above all, ASL is an engineering company providing you with a bespoke "Technically Engineered Platform" for your business. Whatever sector you operate in, we can work with you to establish a customised 'build-guide' on which each machine is based.

On completion every machine undergoes a soak test for a minimum of 12 or 24 hours prior to final inspection. We supply computer systems, servers and specialist machines to the following industries worldwide: