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ESD Precautions

ESD damage to components is the biggest issue that effects build quality and long term product reliability. ASL take this issue very seriously and will continue to invest time and money to ensure damage to products from ESD is minimised or removed completely.

The whole of production is treated as an ESD sensitive area. The floor and work surfaces are made of ESD dissipating materials and there are numerous earth bonding points for the operators to attach wrist straps etc. These items along with the ESD test station are checked and certified annually to ensure correct ongoing operation. All operators are issued with ESD shoes, wrist straps and gloves which must be tested every day before use and a record kept. Failing equipment is disposed of immediately and replaced.

The following ESD policies are strictly adhered to:

  1. ESD shoes, ankle straps or wrist straps should be worn at all times
  2. ESD equipment is to be tested daily and records kept
  3. ESD sensitive items should only be opened in the production area by operators with the appropriate ESD equipment
  4. When populating boards with memory and processors, ESD gloves must be worn
  5. Systems should only be open, assembled or repaired in the production area

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