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  • Dynamic Positioning Control
  • Subsea control systems
  • Maritime tracking & mapping
  • Surveying
  • Safety & Security systems


ASL provide a series of five 2U machines for ABB used in Subsea Production Control Systems. These include a RAID system, various multi I/O serial configurations and a fibre optic communications unit. Each configuration is identified by a single part number that can be used throughout the ABB organisation for purchasing and support.

The software used is proprietary to ABB and it is therefore important that the basic configuration of every PC is identical and remains identical for the foreseeable future. To this end a comprehensive build guide defining component version numbers, cable layout, card placement, and BIOS settings was drawn up - every PC built adheres to the guide and is checked accordingly.

In order for ABB to guarantee future compatibility it was important for them to be in full control of the product life cycle. To ensure this ASL provided full revision control whereby ABB were notified of any product change at least 8 weeks prior to delivery, enabling them to carry out the necessary testing and approvals before delivery.


The division of Thales that ASL work with is Thales Geosollutions who provide a range of sub sea survey services and GPS solutions.

The sub sea survey equipment consists of a network that has a number of PC’s that are used to decode the video signal sent from cameras on board the mini submarines (ROV). The data is then stored on a small SAN and backed up to a tape device that are attached to the network. The entire network is deployed on board the Thales survey vessel.

Initially ASL were involved in the supply of the PC’s only. However as the relationship has developed ASL have been asked to integrate the video decoding cards and provide the storage and tape backup.

This has streamlined the Thales purchasing process and provided a far more effective support channel for the entire network.

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