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Animal Systems limited are a Stratus Avanced Certified Partner. We can provide a full high Availability solution based on either HP or Intel servers.

Stratus Avance® high availability software is the answer for businesses requiring the most reliable and affordable solution for keeping critical applications up and running. Unlike traditional high-availability (HA) clusters, Avance delivers far superior and more reliable uptime without the cost and complexity of clusters.

  • Minimizes downtime and keeps applications running
  • Improves the reliability of your infrastructure
  • Reduces purchase and maintenance cost

Key Features

Prevents Downtime Resulting from Hardware and Host Software Failures
You can't do business if your core applications are down. Traditional HA solutions focus on merely reacting to outages. Avance software works in advance to detect and prevent outages. Even when the hardware fails, the Avance real-time dual-server architecture ensures that applications operate uninterrupted — with no data loss.

Superior System Reliability for Your Infrastructure
Human error is the most common cause of downtime, decreasing the reliability of your infrastructure especially in companies where IT resources are limited. Avance software automatically sets up and manages itself — greatly reducing the opportunity for human error and thereby improving the uptime and reliability of your infrastructure.

The Most Affordable Way to Prevent Downtime
Stratus Avance software fits easily into tight IT budgets and your existing IT infrastructure. It runs on industry-standard servers to prevent unpredictable system failover. And, unlike traditional HA clusters, Avance doesn't require external shared storage to work, leaving that choice to you. Built-in Windows and Linux server virtualization and virtual machine (VM) consolidation provide additional savings.

Stratus Avance 3.1 High Availability Load Balancing
The latest version of Stratus Avance 3.1 software includes High Availability (HA) Load Balancing. Instead of one server remaining passive, prepared for a future fault, HA Load Balancing will enable you to better actively utilize the system resources of both servers in your HA solution. This will provide better read performance, twice the network bandwidth for disk writes and improved processor performance.


Minimize unplanned downtime
Avance automatically prevents unplanned downtime and data loss by continuously monitoring the server pair for faults. If Avance detects a server fault, the applications continue to run on the companion server and the systems administrator is automatically notified.

Minimize planned downtime
By leveraging Avance's dual-server architecture, one-click upgrades and repairs are completed on one server while your applications continue to run normally on the other node.

No IT skills required
With Avance remote monitoring, automated call-home, and alerting features, there is no need for on-site support. IT staff can manage performance issues from anywhere via the Web.

No need for extra hardware
Avance makes a shared storage network (SAN) completely optional, thereby reducing capital and administrative cost and leaving the investment choice to you.

Built-In local disaster recovery
Avance split-site lets you separate the parallel servers up to three miles. This ensures that your applications are running even if one server location is hit with a local disaster.

Windows and Linux application support
Avance eliminates the need to separately manage downtime prevention tools for each operating system, saving you time and effort to devote to more important tasks.

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