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HP Partner

  • 4U Rack Mount Industrial Server
  • Filtered air intake
  • Door latch with lock

The RM-A-ICS-480V is a 14-slot 4U Rackmount Workstation with an 8.4" LCS display and a front function & data-entry keypad. This workstation is a fully-functional and cost effective Industrial Automation Controller. The unit is available with several backplane combinations and power supplied, which can be applied to versatile applications. The built in VGA A/D board ensures that the system is compatible with a variety of Single Board Computers from most vendors. The front panel OSD controller allows users to move the LCD into the best position for any envirinment.  To enhance the system for easy maitenance and upgrade, two USB ports, 12 function keypad and 65 data-entry keypad have built-in to the front panel. The air filter is located on the external top cover, which minimizes the system down time for air filter replacement.  This ideal industrial-grade workstation can be applied to various industrial projects, such as transportation factory automation, environmental survaillance, and more.