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Animal Systems offer Lind Electronic power solutions as a UK official partner. Delivered to you in the UK & Ireland. We import Lind products from the USA and supply the UK & Ireland market single units, multiple units, replacement cable & accessories in local currency offering huge carriage savings as we consolidate shipments where possible.


Lind's Auto/Air AC Power Adapters simultaneously power and charge laptops, mobilephones, MP3 players, or other devices using any power source (wall outlets, automotive lighter sockets, in-seat adapters on airplanes). This adapter's computer specific design eliminates the need for multiple tips. Each adapter provides safety circuitry to protect sensitive devices.


Military Battery Connector to Female Cigarette Lighter Socket, 10-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG


These Lind Automobile Power Adapters are designed to power your laptop computer and to charge its internal battery from a 20-60 volt DC power source. The adapter supplies current and voltage levels as required by the laptop.


Lind's Replacement AC Adapters meet or exceed the laptop manufacturer's original specifications. Each features a power-on LED and universal switching 100 - 240 volt AC input voltage. The unit has a 48 inch long attached output cable and is supplied with a 60 inch long AC input cord. Tips are available for most laptop models.


Lind offers standard and custom timers, battery chargers, isolated adapters and other product solutions that are designed to meet various forklift and warehousing applications.


Cigarette Lighter Connector to MP205 Connector