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High Performance GPS

High Performance GPS

xGPS2 and xGPS2 PRO Modules Global Positioning System Devices

The Xplore xGPS2 module is a low profile, self-contained external device that securely attaches to any iX104 tablet via the reliable Pin and Pad expansion port. With this module, users can access GPS (Global Positioning System) information from satellites that orbit the earth in order to determine location.





  • High-performance GPS engine integrated into a module that attaches directly to the Tablet
  • High Sensitivity Design
  • Innovative design and technology suppresses jamming sources and mitigates multipath effects
  • Low profile compact design - attachable/detachable
  • 50-channel positioning engine, over 1M correlators enabling instant satellite locks - Fast Time to First Fix of >1 second
  • Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and multiple Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) support (WAAS, EGNOS)
  • Low power consumption
  • Outputs NMEA data on virtual COM port
  • Provides high acquisition and tracking sensitivity accuracy even at low signal levels packaged in small rugged form factor
  • Excellent navigational performance under dynamic conditions in areas with limited sky view, high sensitivity for weak signal operation without compromising accuracy
  • Superior navigation capabilities
  • Sleek low profile design provides field-friendly and convenient solution that allows for easy integration to the tablet and serviceability. Supports all iX104 family tablets.
  • Speeds data collection and acquisition input minimizing wait times to start collecting data
  • The SBAS provides corrections for the GPS constellation signals allowing users to achieve improved accuracy for GPS data collection
  • Extends the life of portable applications
  • Provides compatibility with all standard GPS/GIS software



xGPS2 Application Examples

  • GIS data acquisition to update mapping information
  • Accessing GPS information to get directions to a crime scene, customer address, or piece of equipment
  • Accessing GPS information to dispatch personnel in emergency situations
  • Monitor delivery locations, times, driver speeds
  • Plot preliminary and as-built infrastructure surveys
  • Obtain GPS locations for equipment citing, permitting, locating property lines and plotting development features in progress

Technical Features

  • 50 channel GPS with integrated patch antenna housed in
  • small rugged enclosure
  • DGPS and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) support
  • Fast Time-to-First-Fix
  • Active multipath detection and removal
  • GALILEO ready receiver



Detailed Specifications

Operating Temperature
  • 20°C to 60°C
Receiver Type
  • GPS L1 frequency, C/A Code; Galileo Open Service L1 frequency
  • 50-channel U-blox NEO-6 engine with over 1 million effective correlators
Operating Humidity
  • 0% to 95% relative humidity
Max Update Rate
  • 4 Hz
Ground Speed
  • Up to 500 meters per second
Horizontal Accuracy xGPS2
  • Position (Autonomous): < 2.5m
  • Position (SBAS>2): <2.0m
  • Blowing Rain 4"/Hr, 40mph Wind per MIL-STD-810G
  • Method 506.5 Procedure II
Horizontal Accuracy xGPS2 PRO
  • Position (Autonomous): < 2.5m
  • Position (WAAS): <0.99m
  • Position (EGNOS + MSAS): < 1.8m
Transit Shock
  • 48 in drop, concrete, all surfaces, edges and corners (26 drops) spread over 5 test units per MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6
  • Cold Start (Autonomous): 28s
  • Warm Start (Autonomous): 28s
  • Hot Start: <1s
Vibration (Integrity)
  • Minimum Integrity Test 0.04g^2/Hz, 20Hz - 1000Hz - 6dB/octave
  • 1000Hz - 2000Hz Figure 514.5C-17 per MIL-STD-810G Method 514.6
Foot Note
  • 1 Sub-meter accuracy can only be achieved after approximately 10minutes of unimpaired SBAS reception.
  • 2 Depends on accuracy of correction data of DGPS or SBAS service
  • 3 Measured with good visibility and -125 dBm signal strength



















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