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RangerX Carrying Accessories

RangerX Transport Accessories

The optional transport accessories for Xplore's RangerX tablet have been designed with comfort and mobility in mind. Xplore currently offers a backstrap for handheld use and an integrated handle with removable shoulder strap, for simplified transport for any application.

RangerX Backstrap for Handheld Use

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The backstrap for handheld use features a cushioned, adjustable strap that keeps the tablet secured to the user's hand, for easier data input and greater support over extended periods of use. The handstrap comes with an attached stylus and stylus holder, for convenient signature capture and other writing input. The backstrap fastens securely to the back of the tablet via 8 screws, and can be easily removed if necessary.

RangerX with Handle and Shoulder Strap

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The integrated handle attaches to the top of the tablet and allows users to carry the tablet without worry of dropping it. The ridged handle is made of a smooth, hard rubber, for maximum grip without sacrificing comfort. Attached to the handle is a thin stylus, that stores away discreetly in a hidden slot within the handle. The handle also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, for carrying long distances and freeing up one's hands. The shoulder strap is adjustable for any height, and wide to enhance comfort on the user's shoulder.


RangerX Backstrap Key Features & Benefits

RangerX Handle and Shoulder Strap Key Features & Benefits

  • Simplifies transport of RangerX Tablet
  • Straps are adjustable for any hand size
  • Features integrated slot for stylus, facilitating quick signature capture and data input
  • Cushioned hand slot provides greater comfort for extended use
  • Secures tablet to hand for simplified one-handed use
  • Easily detachable with screwdriver
  • Simplifies transport of RangerX Tablet
  • Shoulder strap adjustable for any height, easily attached and detached via clips
  • Smooth, rubber handle for excellent grip, with discreet built-in slot for stylus
  • Padded handle and wide strap provide greater comfort over period of extended use


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